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FREE Shipping orders over $70 in Australia

FREE Shipping orders over $70 in Australia

Private Arts Design Gallery

Abstract art originals from the Private Arts Design Gallery in Australia. Artistic designs infused with Australian and African influences. Expressive fashion and home décor accessories in vivid colour and unique designs.  

Creativity is a Way of Discovery

Private Arts Abstract_Cool the Ice

The Art of Purpose

Discover your self-awareness through art, take time to reflect what you are passionate about.

Art allows you to transform your space and mind to create positive energy.

Private Arts Abstract_Wave the Ocean

The Art of Connecting

Your artistic expression is one click away to think about new ideas, experiences, and fresh perspectives of life.

Art encourages cultural dialogue, gives you permission to share thoughts, feelings, and impressions.

Private Arts Abstract_Rock the Earth

The Art of Living

Original artwork gives your personal power status as the one and only owner.

Art makes people happy and can improve the quality of your life and energize your living and workspace.

Private Arts enjoy your success

It’s your imagination, your space, your world!

You work hard and want to come home to your dream place.

You want to enjoy your success and not feel guilty about it.

You want unique custom-made art that is made for you.

You want to escape into your safe imaginary world that is without judgement.

You are not afraid of color, it does not define your age, sex, race, or political ideology.

Let's Imagine It

Private Arts Mission

Our purpose is to create art that inspires and evokes an emotional connection and makes you happy.

Private Arts vision is to connect people, cultures, and the environment through art.

Private Arts Abstract Edge of Reality

How Art can Energise your Space

STYLE - choose a theme that expresses your personality

PLACE - decide where the art will have the most impact

AWARENESS - consider the personal, social, or professional connection to the art

COLOR -  understand the composition that influences mood

EXPLORE - let your imagination escape the ordinary

Let's Energize Your Space

Jonique Designer Collections is our fashion accessories culture brand offering original and unique products in home décor and trending fashion with an emphasis on striking, thought provoking and exclusive designs, just for art’s sake.