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#itdoesntmatterifyourblackorwhite #alllivesmatter

#itdoesntmatterifyourblackorwhite #alllivesmatter

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Jonique Designer Collections is our lifestyle brand offering original and unique collections of home décor and fashion accessory products with an emphasis on striking, thought provoking and exclusive designs, just for art’s sake. 

Private Arts Abstract Acrylic Art

"The world today does not make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?" ....... Pablo Picaso

Private Arts abstract impressions are inspired by Australia's rich landscapes fused with strong African design elements. Original artwork in mixed-media and acrylics on canvas that embrace natures organic forms, graphic lines, textures and vivid colors. From the icy mountains through the rugged hot terrains and merging with rivers that flow out to sea.

Planet Earth gentle and blue, with all my heart, I love you

Private Arts Cool the Ice

Cool the Ice

Private Arts Wave the Ocean

Wave the Ocean

Private Arts Rock the Earth

Rock the Earth