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FREE Shipping orders over $70 in Australia

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    Energize Your Space

    Art shares your thoughts, feelings and connections

Private Arts Design Gallery

Abstract art originals from the Private Arts Design Gallery in Australia. Artistic designs in fashion and home décor accessories expressing vivid colour, culture and creed.   

How Art can Energise your Space

STYLE - choose a theme that expresses your personality

PLACE - decide where the art will have the most impact

AWARENESS - consider the personal, social, or professional connection to the art

COLOR -  understand the composition that influences mood

EXPLORE - let your imagination escape the ordinary

Private Arts Make Your Walls Pop
Private Arts Abstract Edge of Reality

What is Abstract Art?

Abstract art has been around for the last century and dates back thousands of years to cavemen paintings on rocks, used as a tool for communicating and capturing history. Its evolution and popularity are associated with Wassily Kandinsky as the father of abstract art. Also known as non-representational art, it is expressed through trends, circles around form, color, line, patterns, textures, composition, and innovative processes creating dynamic artworks.

Art can bring the living experience of nature, indoors

Private Arts Abstract_Cool the Ice

Cool the Ice

Private Arts Abstract_Wave the Ocean

Wave the Ocean

Private Arts Abstract_Rock the Earth

Rock the Earth

Jonique Designer Collections is our fashion accessories culture brand offering original and unique products in home décor and trending fashion with an emphasis on striking, thought provoking and exclusive designs, just for art’s sake.