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FREE Shipping orders over $60 in Australia

Modern Abstract Art

Modern Abstract Art

Private Arts abstract acrylic art on canvas released in July are inspired by the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. The free flowing energetic movement of the ocean, its vibrant coral reef colors and sea life are interpreted in our abstract acrylic flows 'Wave the Ocean' series. 

Private Arts three dimension abstract art on canvas released in May combine organic textures with strong structural lines. Secret chambers, mythical passages, and strong colour of red, gold, black and white.

Private Arts mixed media abstract landscapes released in April are inspired by Australia's rich soil and intense color. The water, ice and rock series reflect the flow of energy and matter that forms in waterways as it flows toward the ocean expressed in our 'Cool the Ice' series.

Private Arts on canvas released in March, is inspired by wealth, freedom, giving and receiving. The universe has an abundance of life and energy for every living soul and creature, expressed in our 'Dig the Gold' series.


Planet Earth, my Home, my Place

The Power of Colour and Energy

Private Arts creates semi-abstract impressions of Australian landscapes and African design elements. Original artwork in mixed-media embracing natures organic forms, graphic lines, textures and vivid colours. From the icy mountains through the rugged hot terrain merging with rivers flowing to the ocean.
The sun-drenched earth is cracking under the intensity of the heat and drought. A huge crack in the earths crust exposes another world of precious stones and fossilized beauty, expressed in our 'Rock the Earth' series.

The Private Arts modern landscapes are a deliberate contradiction combining abstraction, realism, and design elements that allow you to complete the picture. 

Mere colour, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways ................. OSCAR WILDE.

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