Abstract Art

Abstract Art

Private Arts modern abstracts allows you the freedom to explore your imagination and emotions.

Abstract art is impactful and Private Arts style is bold and deliberate to stimulate your senses and ignite your energy.

 Art and color can change your perspective in the way you see and interact within your space. 

Art is healing for the soul and forces you to make a connection between the mind and the body.

Private Arts inspiration comes from the grounding energy of mother earth. My abstract interpretation takes natures elements of color, organic form, line, texture and space, plus cultural influences provide a subjective appreciation and connection to the artwork.

Private Arts Stimulates Your Senses

Private Arts modern abstracts are a composition inspired by Australian landscapes and sometimes graphic design elements influenced by African culture.

Created with love, and designed to give your walls character, energy, color and to transform your space into a unique and engaging environment.

Private Arts Abstract Paradise Point

Private Arts Makes You Feel

Art improves the quality of our lives and personalizes our living space.

Think about how you feel when you enter a room with blank beige walls? I bet you feel cold, disconnected, uninspired, and the room has no soul.

How do you feel when you enter a room filled with color and art?

It may impact your mood, stimulate your appetite, or change your thought process.

Private Arts Makes Your Walls Talk

* Art increases self-awareness, and taps into your emotions.

* Art chronicles our lives, our hopes, our fears.

* Art can invoke a memory or a feeling.

* Art can open up your heart and feed your mind.

* Arts can motivate and inspire you.

* Art captures a moment in time, cultural and political change, or a feeling.

* Art can embrace the joy of living, restore vitality and bring the concept of healing into a room.

Limited selection of abstract modern artworks chosen for reproduction

Affordable Limited-Edition Prints

Giclée canvas reproduction print is a high-quality print using the professional practice and the best quality printer.

75-year unconditional guarantee

Hand-crafted in Queensland by Australia's top canvas print company.

High quality gallery grade reproduction prints

Limited edition limited to 100 prints only

Custom orders, allow 2 weeks for delivery across Australia.

For international orders, allow 4 to 6 weeks.

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Private Arts Mixed Media Moonscape

Abstract Art is Powerful and Timeless

Abstract art is independent of thought and freedom of expression.

The abstract artwork has no boundaries, rules, genre, or ideological attachment.

The power of abstract art is its ability to reflect your mood while simultaneously influencing your thoughts.

Abstract art is the universal visual language that transcends all cultures and generations.

Its timeless and stays relevant as fashion trends and interior design styles continually change.

The artist conveys a message through abstract thinking which is a powerful way of communicating, giving you the freedom to visualize the story.

The creative process of the abstract work is both a science and an art.

The artistic interpretation is organic, thereby inviting your mind to flow with the composition and conceptualize.

Children relate exceptionally well to abstract art as it helps to develop their imagination and emotional intelligence.

Book your Art Consultation

Book your Private Arts Consultation

Talk to the artist about using art to energize your space.

  • Do you need more confidence to choose an abstract art piece, because you're not sure of its appeal to others?
  • Perhaps you are uncertain about color and its meaning, or which color should be the hero in your space.
  • You do not want K-Mart, Ikea or Chinese mass produced prints that are sold everywhere, but cannot afford original artwork. 
  • Buying art online is a challenge, as digital colors and varying degrees of light can distort the image, you need to see the real artwork in your place.
  • You would like to know more about Private Arts, and who is behind the art.

    'Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways' ...... OSCAR WILDE