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Jonique Designer Home Decor

Jonique Designer Home Decor

Complete your living space with Jonique Designer Cushions to transform any house into your home. They add vibrant color, texture, and your unique personality to your home decor.

Cushions Jonique Designer Home Decor

Private Arts Designer Cushions can add a pop of creatively, color and imagery to your armchairs, sofas, beds and any lounge. Cushions can transform your color scheme instantly making sure your look and feel is fresh and on trend.

You can easily update your decor on any budget each season, or zoo-sh up a room for a special occasion.   

Here are a few tips to help you find your perfect cushion

  • Cushions help you create a cohesive look. Before selecting the right cushions for your living space, understand its main function. Is it outdoor or indoor, do you need to consider your pets, is it a formal space or casual family room?
  • When choosing your cushions, look to the overall color scheme of the room. It is a neutral palette and the color is in the sofas and other furniture? Are all the walls and floors neutral or is there a feature wall color? Choose cushions that pick up one or several of these hues to draw your room together. 
  • Create a stylized look with an interesting fusion of cushions, you can work with odd or even numbers, large or small cushions, experiment with different textures for an personalised aesthetic. Images of nature, flowers or plants can bring softness to more city apartments filled with metal and glass.
  • Likewise, don’t be afraid to add bold patterns and geometrics to a country style floral sofa, provided the color scheme matches. A great tip is to pick one color from your much-loved floral lounge and accentuate that color with some modern abstract cushions from our Jonique Home Décor collection.
  • Cushions add that final touch of style to the bedroom and come in many shapes and sizes for functionality and that snugly feel. Our romantic Jonique Love Cushion collection will add luxury and elegance to any bedroom and elegant living space.
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