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FREE Shipping orders over $70 in Australia

FREE Shipping orders over $70 in Australia

Jonique Designer Umbrellas Artistic

Jonique Designer Umbrellas Artistic

The Jonique Designer exclusive umbrella collection features our original artwork from the Private Arts Design Gallery in Australia.

The innovative reverse inverted umbrellas have a dual layer with black outer and a chic custom design on the inside when opened. This double-layered umbrella is engineered to withstand strong winds, is hands free practical, uniquely stylish and affordable.

  • Inside Out Folding Design
  • Drip Free Design
  • New C-shape Handle
  • Free Standing Design

Jonique Designer Umbrella Windproof

  • Made from Pongee material
  • Scratch resistant and very durable
  • Resists shrinking and stretching
  • Waterproof and dries quickly
  • Mildew and mold resistant
  • Holds color well and resists fading
  • Recyclable



How to take care of your Jonique Reverse Umbrella

Umbrellas are items designed for long term use. If you treat your Jonique Designer C Handle Umbrella with care, then it will last you for many years to come.

Your inverted umbrella should be kept in dry storage when you are not using it. The Jonique Designer Umbrellas are made from Pongee material which is incredibly durable and made to withstand all sorts of weather, but it is easy to take this durability for granted.

Your innovative and stylish hands-free umbrella also needs some TLC after use, especially if it ends up covered in grass or dirt during a bad storm.

See FAQ's How to remove mold from your Jonique Designer Umbrella.