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FREE Shipping orders over $70 in Australia

Umbrella Reverse Double Layer C Handle Designer Jonique-Radiance

$ 69.00 AUD

The Jonique Designer exclusive artistic inside out umbrella features a double canopy with black outer and a Radiant custom design on the inside when opened. This double-layered innovative umbrella is engineered to withstand strong winds, is hands free practical, uniquely stylish and affordable.

Great protection from the pouring rain getting in and out of cars, exposed doorways, hands free for easy carrying of bags, phones and kids.

The Radiance inverted umbrella is made for those busy wet days, red orange and navy blue design reminds you that those bright sunsets will return.

Product Information

  • Durable Material: Made of light and waterproof pongee and polyester fabric. Breathable double layer canopy and smooth top, using a high-quality stainless-steel frame.

  • Inside-out Design: Reverse folding umbrella design for maximum dryness.

  • Rubber C-Shaped Handle: for you to place over your arm and keep your hands free to open doors, use your mobile phone, put kids in car seats without getting wet.
  • Self-standing Inverted Umbrella: The eight steel balls of the frame are transformed into eight legs allowing the umbrella to stand up on its own.
  • One Button Opening: with Canopy diameter 105 cm (42 inches) and overall length is 59 cm (23 inches) plus handle. 
  • Frame: Windproof umbrella frame 23 inches into the handle with 8 fiberglass ribs

Delivery and Returns

  • Allow up to 3-10 days to receive your order 
  • No hassle 14 day return policy

Care Instructions 

The best way to clean your Jonique Designer double layer reverse umbrella is by gently scrubbing it down with a washcloth soaked in warm water, with no cleaning agents added. This should remove any dirt without damaging the pongee material. Place umbrella in a warm area to dry out.

If your Jonique Designer umbrella has built up mold or needs a deep clean, refer to the FAQ section on how to get rid of mold on your umbrella.  Do NOT use chemicals which can strip back the pongee waterproofing, always test a small area before applying any cleaning agents to your umbrella.

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Umbrellas are a necessity, but they can be cumbersome when travelling and storing a wet umbrella in the car, home or office. No such problem with the Jonique Radiance Inverted umbrella, that reverse folds outwards keeping the water away from you, so no wet clothes.