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FREE Shipping orders over $60 in Australia

FREE Shipping orders over $60 in Australia

What is Private Arts About?

If you're looking for something artistic, maybe a unique fashion accessory, original modern art for your home or office, or update your space with an exclusive home decor product, then you’re in the right creative online store.

Our artistic style is bold, intuitive and bursting with color and energy.  Each art-piece is an expressive journey to share and enjoy in your space.  

Private Arts color inspiration comes from my birthplace of South Africa and as a young adult migrating to Australia. . The Jonique Designer Collection reflects a cross continent palette of expressions, themes and textures to create an artistic product that is unique, wearable, functional and stylish. 

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Private Arts New Beginnings

Art Fashion Culture

I developed a deep sense that every person has a purpose and a talent that must be explored and shared with others.

Art and design is my labor of passion, enjoyment and self expression. My aim is to share these creations with you in expressive artistic fashion and home décor accessories. Some design themes infuse old cultures and modern influences that inspire us to create fun and treasured items to keep.

Where do I create?

Private Arts is a boutique art studio in southeast Queensland, Australia. The Jonique Designer Collection is an extension of my artistic work created in Australia. 

As the creative founder of Private Arts, my designs influences were shaped in South Africa at the time of deep political and racial divisions between the black and white people. That rich cultural spirit and human struggle for equality have developed her imagination and desire to express life through art, fashion and culture.

Jonique Designer Collections
Private Arts Jonique Designer

Jonique Designer's Backstory

Developing a strong sense of color and geometric style from the African people. Our designs reflects strength and boldness combining geometrical patterns in earthy tones or vibrant color which is synonymous with African tribal dress. These influences still manifest in our art, fashion accessories and home décor.

Studied the 'Old Masters of Europe' to develop technique, light, color and skill. Following that completed a Diploma at the School of Color and Design in Sydney Australia. Discovered a real love of abstract art and its unlimited interpretations using mixed media and non conventional materials.

Creative work is my passion, and life takes us on many journeys. We often choose a path that society wants us to fill, not necessarily who you are, or want to be. 

Everything happens for a reason and our dream is to create art that someone, somewhere at sometime will love.

Currently studying Sogetsu Ikebana (The Japanese Art of Floral Arrangements) in Brisbane Australia, that adds another dimension to my creative pursuits. 

The Arts of Ikebana
Jonique Designer Collections

Abstract Modern Art

Challenge your imagination, connect with your persona, or reflect your mood. Whatever the moment or the image...... just open your mind and you will see it.

Abstract art gives you a window seat into the creativity and mind of an artist's soul. 

Interpretations of art viewed through abstract pictures relay strength, sophistication and emotion. We combine mixed media mediums with texture, color and design elements to reflect the various senses of the universe. 

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Private Arts Mixed Media Moonscape

What does the Private Arts logo colour palette mean?  


Private Arts Australia

Tones of ORANGE. The energy of RED and the happiness of YELLOW gives the sensation of heat. Increases oxygen supply in the brain. Stimulates mental activity. The colour Orange means creativity, stimulation, enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, success, determination, encouragement, fun and ambition. 

Imagination is everything.

Nothing would be created if it was at first not imagined. Further experimentation with various mediums and methods create an organic fusion of light and color. Let the artwork speak for itself while stimulating the imagination thereby tapping into your own experiences, emotions life. 

Art and Culture

Unite people, regardless of their age, nationality or religion. Come join us on our creative journey. Our perspective is to have fun, do what we love and hopefully you can cherish our creativity as an expression of your uniqueness.  

On launching Private Arts Design Gallery we quote Steve Jobs........... 'Design is the fundamental soul of a man-made creation that ends up expressing itself in outer layers of the product or service'................ 

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