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FREE Shipping orders over $70 in Australia

FREE Shipping orders over $70 in Australia

Why Private Arts?

Art is a private form of expression, while having universal impact.

 Private Arts is a creative journey of sharing thoughts, feelings and inspiration that improves the quality of our lives.

Through our private collection of abstract art, expressive fashion accessories and artistic home décor products, we want to empower originality.

Jonique's artistic style is bold, intuitive and bursting with color and energy.  Each art-piece is an expressive journey to share and enjoy in your space. 

Art is an extension of our lives and a timeless form of communication.
I want my art to encourage dialogue, to invite new ideas and new perspectives on life.

Jonique Designer Collections

Private Arts History

The birth and subsequent launch of Private Arts has been many years in the making. At first a passionate hobby as a part-time artist, now a full time artrepreneur and creative director.

Accrutus Capital Pty Ltd (ABN 88 126 924 347) is a House of Brands and owns Private Arts; trading as a separate creative brand.

Jonique Designer Collections is a sub-brand of Private Arts. Jonique is the artist-in-residence at Private Arts Design Gallery Australia.

Our retail brand 'The Jonique Designer Collections' reflect an international palette of current design trends, cultural expressions, and artistic ideas. Making a wearable, functional and stylish product that is unique and fun.

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Private Arts New Beginnings

Jonique Designer's Backstory

My design influences were shaped in South Africa at the time of deep political and racial divisions between the black and white people.

I inherited a strong sense of color and geometric style from its culture. My designs reflect strength and boldness combining geometrical patterns in earthy tones or vibrant color which is synonymous with African tribal dress.

I studied the 'Old Masters of Europe' to develop technique, light, color and skill. A decade later I completed The Diploma at the School of Color and Design in Sydney Australia. At this time I discovered a real love of abstract art and its unlimited interpretations while experimenting with mixed media and non-conventional materials.

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Private Arts Mixed Media Moonscape

Why Abstract Art?

It challenges your imagination, has universal communication powers, and the ability to reflect or influence your mood.

Abstract art gives you a window seat into the creativity and mind of an artist's soul. 

Interpretations of art viewed through abstract pictures relay strength, sophistication and emotion. My creative compositions are expressed through texture, color, form, lines and space to stimulate your mind and escape the ordinary.

"The world today does not make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?" ....... Pablo Picaso

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Private Arts Ikebana - Revealing

Art Through Living Materials

Everything happens for a reason, and my visit to Japan in 2019 ignited my love of flowers. Japanese flower arranging is an art form and nature is our ultimate inspiration.

Ikebana aims to capture the fleeting beauty of things. A lot of ikebana arrangements feature a bud to represent the promise of hope.

I am currently studying Sogetsu Ikebana (The Japanese Art of Floral Arrangements) in Brisbane Australia, that adds another dimension to my creative pursuits. 

The Art of Ikebana

Art is Imagination

Nothing would be created if it was at first not imagined. Fun experimentations with various mediums and methods produce an organic fusion of light and color. Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Let your imagination run free and allow the artwork to speak for itself, and to speak to you. Human brains are wired to appreciate and be inspired by art.

Art Fashion Culture

With rich cultural ties and the human struggle for equality, we develop our imagination and desire to express life through art, fashion, and culture.

On launching Private Arts Design Gallery I valued the opportunity to meet Steve Jobs; who said

'Design is the fundamental soul of a man-made creation that ends up expressing itself in outer layers of the product or service.' 

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