Why Private Arts?

Art is a private form of expression, while having universal impact.

Private Arts is a creative journey of thoughts, feelings and inspiration that improves our lives.

Through our private collection of abstract art, expressive fashion accessories and artistic home décor products, we want to empower originality. 

The Private Arts Story

Private Arts resident artist Jonique has a bold, intuitive style that is bursting with color and energy. 

She embraces art is an extension of our lives and a timeless form of communication.

Each art-piece is an expressive journey to share and enjoy in your space. 

Her goal is to use art that encourages dialogue, and invites new ideas and new perspectives on life.

Why Private Art?

* It challenges your imagination, has universal communication powers, and the ability to reflect your mood.

* Abstract art gives you a window seat into the creativity and mind of an artist's soul.

*Interpretations of art viewed through abstract paintings relay strength, sophistication and emotion.

* Jonique's creative compositions are expressed through texture, color, form, lines, and space to stimulate your mind and escape the ordinary.

"The world does not make sense, sp why should i paint pictures that so" ................... Pablo Piscaso

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Jonique Designer Collections

Private Arts Design Gallery has exclusive limited fashion and lifestyle collections released through our Jonique Designer brand. These unique custom products are designed in our Australian studio.

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Private Arts History

The birth and subsequent launch of Private Arts has been many years in the making. At first a passionate hobby as a part-time artist, which helped at relieving stress during life changing events.

Jonique is now a full time artrepreneur, creative director and business woman overseeing a few businesses.

Accrutus Capital Pty Ltd (ABN 88 126 924 347) is a House of Brands and owns Private Arts Design Gallery Australia.

Jonique Designer Collections is a sub-brand of Private Arts.

Jonique is the artist-in-residence ar Private Arts.

Our retail brand 'The Jonique Designer Collections' reflect an international palette of current designs trends, cultural expressions, and artistic ideas. Making wearable, functional and stylish product that are unified and fun.

Art Inspiration

The artist cultural background of South Africa and then migrating to Australia, has inspired a strong eclectic mix of color, graphical imaginary and natures organic elements that form her unique style.

Art is an extension of our lives and a timeless form of communication. Art imitates life and nature is the ultimate ecosystem of beginnings and ending life.


Nature is not perfect, humans are not perfect, so why should art be perfect?

Our universe and its people are constantly evolving.

As creatives, we want to be curious, to challenge the imagination, and to our explore interpretations of the world around us.

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