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FREE Shipping orders over $70 in Australia

FREE Shipping orders over $70 in Australia

Beach Sport Towel Designer Jonique

$ 79.00 AUD

Wrap yourself up with this super soft and super water absorbent cozy towel and arrive in style.

With these designer pieces will never lose your spot on a crowded beach after a refreshing dip in the ocean. Or just want to sit back in style and enjoy the sunshine. Stand-out unique artistic design from Australia.

 Product Info and Care

  • Available in one size: 150cm x 75cm
  • One side 52% terry towel cotton in white
  • Design side 48% microfiber super soft
  • The non-printed side is made of 450gsm cotton terry fabric
  • Towel is very water-absorbent and color-fast

Delivery and Returns

  • Free shipping for orders over $70.00
  • Allow up to 3-10 days for delivery via Australia Post
  • No hassle 14 day return policy

Care Instructions

  • Always wash new towels before use to remove starch, residue dyes and other manufacturing chemicals.
  • Separate colors in the wash especially for new towels.
  • Avoid using detergents that contain brighteners, as these may include bleach which will lighten your colored towels and it is hard on terry towel fabric. 
  • Our Jonique Designer Towels are made from terry towels and microfiber, never use a fabric softener with any microfiber cloth.
  • Towels absorb water, but they also absorb skin odor, natural body oils and soap residue.
  • Therefore, it is important to always use clean towels to prevent bacteria growing and putting it back onto your body.
  • Hang your used towel out to dry with good circulation or wash them immediately and dry outside or in a dryer on medium heat. If your towel is not allowed to be aired, you are creating a bacteria ecosystem in the towel.  

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Your Jonique Designer Beach Towel is both practical and stylish, and if cared for will last you a very long time. WANT IT NOW!, Show off your designer towel on your next day out to the beach or back to the gym. Buy Now and Pay later with Afterpay