Umbrella Reverse C Handle Jonique Designer

Umbrella Reverse C Handle Wet Days Solution

Umbrella Reverse C Handle Jonique Designer

The Jonique Designer exclusive art inside out umbrella features a double canopy with black outer layer and a custom Australian design on the inside layer when opened.

Picture yourself off to your weekly round of kid’s sports practice, or shopping trips, and it’s raining cats & dogs outside. You want to keep dry and stylish as you hop in and out of the car. The reverse C handle umbrella is practical, light weight and hands free.

Umbrella Reverse C Handle Inverted Jonique Designer

 How does it work?

The C handle allows you to be hands free to open the car door while holding a baby or shopping bags. Protected by your reverse umbrella as it stays up and open, you get into the car and partly close the door before folding the umbrella up and away from you. The reverse umbrella captures the water as you place it on the floor and you and your car remain dry. The water stays inside the reverse umbrella, until you open it again outside.

The innovative reverse umbrella is a great improvement on the traditional umbrella model. The double layer reverse C handle umbrella is made of Pongee cloth, durable black fiberglass ribs make the reverse umbrella stronger and more windproof. The unique combination of double inverted umbrella, inside-out design prevents water from dripping, keeping floors and cars dry. When you need to use the umbrella, place the fashionable umbrella’s C shape handle, over your arm which allows you to be hands free.

The inverted umbrella can stand up on its own, ideal for when you have nowhere to place your umbrella. It will also keep the wet part of the umbrella inside once you’ve closed it. With a simple click of the embedded button, you can open and close the umbrella in confined spaces when entering or exiting a building or car and its less fuss and safer to open and close when in crowds.

Jonique Reverse C Handle Umbrella

Umbrella Reverse C Handle Features

  • Inside Out Folding Design
  • Drip Free Design
  • New C-shape Handle
  • Free Standing Design
Jonique Umbrella Reverse Inverted C Handle

Umbrella Reverse C Handle Windproof Upright

  • The inverted umbrella opens through a small car door gap, while you stay dry in your car
  • Minimise getting wet while exiting ​and entering your car
  • No need to shake the umbrella out when you bring it into your car, as the wet surface folds away inside the umbrella
  • The eight steel balls of the frame are transformed into eight legs allowing the umbrella to stand up on its own.
  • One button to open with canopy diameter 105 cm (42 inches) and overall length is 59 cm (23 inches) plus handle.
  • The windproof umbrella frame is 23 inches into the handle with 8 fiberglass ribs attached

Umbrella Reverse C Handle ‘How It Works’

  1. With your umbrella in the horizontal position, place your left hand at the base (near the button) and your right hand holding the C shape handle.
  2. With your one hand, gradually push the umbrella up while holding with the other hand.
  3. Once you have reached the top of the umbrella, stop and hold the umbrella firmly in this position.
  4. The C shape handle is designed to fit around your wrist, so you can be hands free to make a phone call, to play with your cell phone, to hold a baby. 
  5. Prevents water from dripping, keeping floors and cars dry, avoiding making bag and clothes wet when stand close on the bus or subway. 
  6. You can open and close the umbrella in confined spaces when entering or exiting a building or car and it’s less awkward and safer to open and close when in crowds, since the danger to poke in people’s eyes has been removed by the design.

The Umbrella Reverse Inverted Double Layer C Shape Handle Windproof Standing by Private Arts Design Gallery present the Jonique Designer Umbrella Collection.



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