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What does art have to do with self-confidence or self-obsession? Has the selfie craze encouraged self-confidence or narcissistic behavior? Or are we simply encouraging creativity through images of our precious possessions, achievements, emotions and sharing this to the world? OK, if you can’t beat them, join in.

Show it off, turn it up and rock out together

The Jonique Designer Tote bags are bold statement bags. Our new Look-@-Mee (yes, deliberate spelling of mee and not me) wants to be the center of attention, wants to be seen while keeping an eye on everyone.

The Look-@-Mee design inspiration is all about the eyes. Think about it... your eyes are the window to your soul. It is all about the emotion your feeling.  It is this emotional quality that has inspired this exclusive Jonique Look-@-Mee Tote Collection.


Jonique Look-@-Mee Crazy ToteJonique Look-@-Mee Blu ToteJonique Look-@-Mee Babe Tote

Who are you?

Look-@-Mee is about how we see ourselves, in comparison to how the world sees you. Which one is the truth? Who are you? Is the real you what others want you to be, or is it who you want to be, or who you are?

Are you cool or crazy? Interesting that all crazy people who change the world are believed to be cool or a genius, or both. You must be crazy to believe that you can change the world. All the dudes that want to be cool take on a crazy persona to grab attention. Whatever your unique personality, just don’t be bat sh*t boring! If this resonates with you, then check out the Look-@-Mee Crazy Tote as a statement bag and rock out together.

Our perspective: The world is what it is today because genius collided with madness. You may be left wondering what the?.........What does this have to do art?  To quote Albert Einstein……’ Creativity is intelligence having fun’.

Here are some crazy creative geniuses of our time;

  1. Thomas Edison - electric light bulb, motion picture camera
  2. Samuel Morse – morse code and the telegraph
  3. Rudolf Diesel— diesel engine, internal combustion engine
  4. Yoshiro Nakamatsu – DVD, CD & digital watch
  5. Nikolai Tesla – AC power, X -Rays, Laser etc.
  6. Albert Einstein – atom and molecule and theory of relativity
  7. William Bell – first practical telephone, aeronautics 
  8. Steve Jobs – Apple computer & Smart phone technology

Ok, shut the door! Private Arts is not saying that Jonique is a genius, we just have tons of fun being creative, and crazy enough to put our personal artistic journey out into the universe and hope the stars align and you love it.

The Look-@-Mee Tote collection celebrates imperfect features and ideas which makes us all unique.  (Robots and the Kardashians excluded). Our modern abstract art embraces organic design while celebrating imperfections. We imagine a product idea from our artwork, and the design and final collection becomes something else, but uniquely original. 

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