Look-@-Mee Babe

Look-@-Mee Babe

Look-@-Mee Babe

What does art have to do with love? Is love a feeling or an expression? Is it a thought or a state of mind? Every babe wants to be admired, cherished and loved. Some babes are not backward in coming forward about attracting attention.  Some babes take bold actions to knock their opposition out of the love arena.Jonique Look-@-Mee Babe Tote

The Jonique Tote Bags make a bold statement. The endearing term ‘babe’ is used as a loving expression of how we feel about someone else, mostly referring to a sexual attraction.

The story board of the Look-@-Mee Babe Tote is a unisex design showing personal traits of strength, reliability and structure in the face. Squares and rectangles make us feel safe and contained. They give a sense of stability and assurance but also easily fall to the background, and the feelings they convey are mostly subliminal.

Eye gaze and the Power of the Face

Faces come in all shapes and sizes. Some more expressive than others. First impressions linger in the mind and influence the way we initially see and treat others. Once an impression is formed, it takes a lot to change our attitude about a person.

The Square Face belongs to the element of Earth or the planet Mars. From aggressive to assertive, one thing is very evident of square faced individuals, they exude passion and energy. Their birthdate and refinement of other features further defines their personality, either violent and aggressive or dynamic and assertive.

Shakespeare noted ……………. “as people are we wired to see faces (both human and animal), but also that we notice the eye gaze”. Fast forward to the 2000’s social media obsession with the ‘selfie’, which is the modern fascination with the face. Just look at the narcissistic and psychologically addictive behaviour developed on most social media platforms.

For decades our fashion world has been obsessed with the face.

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Look-@-Mee Babe Color Synergy

Color not only attracts attention; it sends a strong or subliminal message. The Jonique Designer Tote Collection's use of color for the Look-@-Mee Babe Tote is a powerful combination of red, blue and orange yellow.

The red gives positive energy and shows physical courage, strength, warmth and passion. The blue relays intellectual, communication, trust, coolness and calm. The yellow radiates optimism and a happy mood offering hope and fun.  

Private Arts Design Gallery uses familiar squares and rectangles as the basis of this face design. There are emotions and feelings evoked by certain shapes, inspired by cultural conventions.

If a face paints a thousand words. Then why can’t I read you babe?
Your poker face will never show the you I’ve come to know
If my face could launch a thousand hashtags?
Then babe I am ready for Insta
There’s no one babe but you,
Your selfie is all that’s left me too
And when my love for you is Insta dry,
Look-@-Mee Babe and pour yourself on me.

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