Jonique Royale Love Cushion Collection

Celebrate Royale Love

Jonique Royale Love Cushion Collection

In honour of the upcoming royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meagan Markle in May 2018, Private Arts dedicates our Jonique Royale Love Cushion Collection to celebrate love and luxury.

Jonique Royale Love Cushion Collection

We are also excited that Pantone’s 2018 color of the year is Ultra Violet, which is the lighter and softer hue of our favourite color purple, which is often associated with royalty and mythical times.  

On the spiritual side, it is aligned with the crown chakra, which is our connection with the energy of heaven. Most people see the powerful energy of purple as the ultimate color of cosmic access, insight, and wisdom.

Private Arts has combined the two energetic colors of purple and gold, with love hearts and a happy gold sun face in the design to create the Jonique Royale Love cushion collection as both colors are associated with energy, luxury and wealth.

The color Purple

You will mostly love or relate to the color purple or violet, if your zodiac sign is Cancer, Sagittarius and Aquarius. It is a fresh shade with a strong personality. The purple hues, evoke feelings of elegance and grandeur.

Violet color has exciting cosmic energy. It is cleansing and purifying. It is the color of magic, ritual, cleansing, purifying, connecting and mystery.

How can you embrace Purple into your décor?

  • You can bring this year’s hottest color trend into your home décor by adding purple hues through wall art, designer cushions, a new rug, a luxurious couch, or new Manchester in the bedroom and bathroom.
  • For a harmonious Feng-shui in the home, the purple color is best used sparingly. You can make the color a focal point, but it must be offset with its opposite or complementary color to balance the energy in the room.
  • Another way to bring a balanced presence of the purple color in your space is with the amethyst crystal, which is one of the most powerful Feng-shui crystals. Find spaces in the home or office where color purple can be used freely without worrying about its potentially challenging Feng-shui.
  • Other spaces that can benefit from the high vibration of purple color; these are various healing spaces/healing rooms or spaces used for meditation practices.

A Ray of Golden Sunshine

The Jonique Royale Love cushion collections embraces gold which is timeless as it conveys wealth and power. Gold has always been associated with privilege, celebrity, royalty and wealth.

Certain ancient and modern cultures place significant value and symbolism on gold. The Christian religion used gold to signify marriage and the only metal pure enough to drink wine from.

How can you embrace Gold into your décor?

  • You can make some small gold décor additions to your space and create a feeling of luxury without being too pretentious.
  • An illusion of gold in soft furnishings such as cushions in the bedroom gives an expensive and luxurious feel.
  • Gold is very popular in feng-shui because of its association with money and wealth, and yellow is the color of happiness and warmth bringing good Feng-shui energy into a home.
  • Golds and yellow colors are the expression of the vital energy of the sun that brings light and life to our universe.

The Jonique Royale Love cushion collections let’s you set the mood of your home décor, adding a touch of luxury and romance.  Order a set of four and save up to 20% of our full range to complete your luxurious look and let’s celebrate royal love.

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